Monday, February 28, 2011

Are You Grumpy?

Do you tend to view things as negative or bad?
Do you often think the worst of a situation?? 
Then you may be a victim of this tricky unthinkable!

Meet Grump Grumpaniny

Superflex has a few strategies to defeat this character:

1. Think happy thoughts: happy thoughts can shield you from attacks
2. Choosing nice stops Grump Grumpaniny in his tracks
3. Run off some steam, draw a picture, or sing a song

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Mean Jean is one of Superflex's trickest nemeses. Your child is learning about how Mean Jean can take over their brains. 
Mean Jean's Plans:
1. May get you to say mean or hurtful things to others.

2. May get you to insult someone or name call.

3. May get you to grab or take things from others.

4. May get you to get easily upset about tiny problems, get you to quickly have a big reaction to a tine problem, and yell at others.

5. May get you to insist that things go your way and others do what you want to do ALL THE TIME!

6. May get you to hit, kick, pinch, bite, or act physically when you are angry. 

Through out the next couple of weeks, you child will continue to learn all about Mean Jean and her tricky plans. Your child will learn how it makes others feel when they are MEAN JEAN. They will also learn some strategies to defeat Mean Jean and have SUPERFLEXIBLE THINKING!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Superflexible Thinking vs. Rock Brain Thinking

This week, your child is learning about being a SUPERFLEXIBLE THINKER and defeating the unthinkable, named ROCK BRAIN.
Unthinkable #1: Rock Brain


- Superflexible Thinking: When someone is willing to be flexible, change his or her thinking, and is always thinking about how others are feeling.
- Rock Brain Thinking: when someone’s brain has a hard time shifting and changing his or her thinking. This brain does not always think about others or anyone around it.

Meet Superflex


Your child was introduced to a superhero named Superflex! Over the next few weeks, your child will be meeting the unthinkables who take over our brains, along with strategies to defeat them!